Das rationale Tier -

Das rationale Tier

The Rational Animal

Ludwig Huber

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Can we grant non-human beings rationality and consciousness? Ludwig Huber takes stock of the current state of research on animal thinking and, drawing on the most significant experiments and observations, explains what animals can do. These new scientific findings compel us to reconsider our current attitude towards animals.

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A rook learning to extract food from a tube with a stick; monkeys cracking nuts with a wide range of tools; dolphins hesitating when they don’t recognise a sound correctly. Animals communicate, read minds and plan actions. They are – as countless experiments over the past decades have shown – far more intelligent than we humans have long assumed. What’s more, they also act rationally, as Ludwig Huber describes. In his book, he brings us up to date on the latest research in cognitive biology and offers impressive evidence that the results of these studies compel us to change our attitude towards animals – namely, to treat them more rationally and ethically. His book is science and elucidation at its best.

Ludwig Huber

Ludwig Huber, born in 1964, is Professor and head of the interdisciplinary Messerli Research Institute for Human-Animal Relations at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna. He heads the Department of Comparative Cognition Research there, which he founded and which focuses on research into the cognitive and emotional abilities of animals.


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