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Hegels Welt

Hegel’s World

Jürgen Kaube

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About the book

Over the course of the decades of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s life, the world changed from the ground up, transformed by ideas that brought about revolutions – political, industrial, aesthetic and pedagogical. Jürgen Kaube recounts Hegel’s life, explains his work and shows how the epochal upheavals led to the attempt at an ultimate revolution – in thinking.

Jury evaluation

People have often consulted Hegel in times of crisis, and the same is once again true today; after all, this thinker very much shapes our understanding of society and of the nation in transition to a new era. As Jürgen Kaube shows in his monumental biography of the philosopher, the brokenness of modern society was fundamental to Hegel’s experience. Kaube unfolds the spirit of modernity for us as reflected in Hegel’s life and work. Kaube’s analytical gaze brings to light not only Hegel’s worldly work, which seeks to decipher everything novel, but also a questioning philosopher who radically confronts contradictions in his thinking. Kaube has a masterful and instructive ability to nimbly, elegantly and sometimes ironically offer an understanding of the Hegelian possibility of freedom.

Jürgen Kaube

Jürgen Kaube was born in 1962 and is a managing editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung. He previously oversaw the humanities desk and was vice editor-in-chief of the culture section. In 2012 he was awarded the title of journalist of the year in the field of science by medium magazine and received the Ludwig-Borne prize in 2015. His highly acclaimed biography of Max Weber (2014) was nominated for the Leipzig Book Fair prize.


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