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Morality. The Invention of Good and Evil

Hanno Sauer

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To understand how our morality determines our identity, we have to understand its history: Hanno Sauer recounts the history of our morality, from the evolution of human cooperation five million years ago to the recent crises of moral polarisation.

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People are relying increasingly on morality to justify their positions in current social debates. But what is this human “morality” anyway, how did it emerge as a successful concept in human history, what is its universal core and how does it manifest differently from one culture to another? Sauer’s comprehensive cultural history of morality from the dawn of humanity to the present provides a solid basis for the highly topical moral debates of our time – intelligently written and entertaining, it invites us to question our own convictions.

Hanno Sauer

Hanno Sauer, born in 1983, is a philosopher and teaches ethics at Utrecht University. The author of numerous specialised essays and several academic works, he also lectures frequently in Europe and North America.


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