Niemals Frieden? -

Niemals Frieden?

Peace Never?

Moshe Zimmermann

© Moshe Zimmermann

About the book

The war in Palestine is propagated from generation to generation. Moshe Zimmermann names the culprits and, from this, concludes that there is a path towards a solution: turning away from the settlement policy, from the policy in Gaza to date and from Islamism and towards a two-state solution and increased support from the international community.

Jury evaluation

With “Peace Never?”, Moshe Zimmermann, one of the most important contemporary historians, makes an important, factual contribution to a discussion that is virtually unavoidable after the 2023 terrorist attack on Israel and the violent reaction to it. He expertly describes the decades-long vicious circle of violence and counter-violence and the clash of civilisations in his home country: between West and East, between Jews and Muslims, between violent and liberal groups on both sides. He also includes the Palestinian perspective and proposes a shared constitutional structure for both states. Offering a wealth of perspectives, this book is helpful for anyone who prefers to be informed before passing judgement.

Moshe Zimmermann

Moshe Zimmermann is a world-renowned historian and Professor emeritus for German History at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He was Director of the Richard Koebner Minerva Center for German History, Professor at the Department of History at the Hebrew University, and visiting professor at various international universities (i.a. Princeton, Krakow, Munich). He is the author of numerous books, including “Wende in Israel” (1996) and “Die Angst vor dem Frieden” (2010), in which he passionately advocates the two-state solution. He lives in Tel Aviv.


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