Die Königin -

Die Königin

The Queen

Sebastian Conrad

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About the book

Its discovery in Tell el-Amarna in Egypt was a sensation, and its presentation in Berlin in 1924 caused a stir far beyond Germany. Taking us on a journey into the world of the pharaohs, Sebastian Conrad describes the dubious circumstances under which the bust of Nefertiti came to Berlin in the age of colonialism, and how its ownership has been disputed ever since.

Jury evaluation

The bust of Nefertiti has been a source of fascination for centuries, and a wide range of agendas are projected onto it, from pop culture to politics. Sebastian Conrad focuses on the levels of attribution of meaning, starting with the history of its discovery and its fraudulently obtained export licence. On the basis of this very concrete object, he illustrates current global discourses on how to contend with colonial injustice and epistemic hegemonic struggles, with a clear stance on the question of restitution. The book also succeeds in terms of including diverse and emotionally charged fields while demanding that academia, politics and the public reflect honestly on their own interests and implicit judgements.

Sebastian Conrad

Sebastian Conrad, born in Heidelberg in 1966, is a professor of modern history at the Free University of Berlin. His main areas of research include the history of colonialism and post-colonialism, the history of East Asia and the history of historical thought. He has taught in New York, Paris, Florence and Tokyo. One of the most internationally renowned representatives of global history, he is also the author of numerous books, including “Geschichte der Welt. 1750–1870“ (“History of the World. 1750–1870”) (with Jürgen Osterhammel) and “Deutsche Kolonialgeschichte und Globalgeschichte: Eine Einführung (“German Colonial History and Global History: An Introduction”).


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