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All_Time. A Question of Power and Freedom

Teresa Bücker

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About the book

Access to time is a question of power and freedom. Today, the majority of time is dedicated to gainful employment; only what can be exploited economically is considered valuable. The distribution of time is extremely unfair – material wealth has not translated into time wealth. Teresa Bücker presents concrete suggestions for what a modern time culture could look like.

Jury evaluation

The journalist Teresa Bücker is in search of a path to a fairer society for all. Devoting less time to gainful employment is one way this could be achieved: a maximum of 20 hours of work per week with full pay, fairer distribution of care work and more time for social relationships. And not as an aim for the individual but for society as a whole in a “caring democracy”, which would have to begin in the family, where the root of the problem still lies, due to the incompatibility of paid and domestic work. Bücker develops a comprehensible model for a new time culture and time policy. Consequently, her book is dedicated to a topic that does not concern a phenomenon of time but a fundamental sociological question – while also taking on many social, political and economic issues of our time.

Teresa Bücker

Teresa Bücker is a journalist in the field of feminism, work and society. As an expert, she is regularly invited to conferences and political talk shows.


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