Die vulnerable Gesellschaft -

Die vulnerable Gesellschaft

Vulnerable Society

Frauke Rostalski

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About the book

Many of the currently very heated debates are an expression of a creeping shift in values. More and more, we seem willing to accept restrictions on our individual freedom in order to appease a heightened sense of vulnerability. In her study, Frauke Rostalski draws our attention to this new conflict – and pleads for an open discussion.

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Vulnerability: this is a new key concept that has emerged in the face of pressing crises such as war, pandemics and climate change, and it is at the centre of Frauke Rostalski’s book. The legal scholar examines various facets of this phenomenon, from legal protection for particularly vulnerable social groups to an atmosphere in public discourse that can lead to a restriction of individual and social freedoms, especially when it comes to controversial issues. The author astutely analyses the tense relationship between vulnerability and freedom without playing them off against each other. A refreshingly dispassionate, intelligent book which itself attests to the fact that democracy cannot survive without free thought and discussion.

Frauke Rostalski

Frauke Rostalski was born in 1985. She is a professor of criminal law, criminal procedural law, the philosophy of law, commercial law, medical law and comparative law at the University of Cologne. Since 2020 she has been a member of the German Ethics Council. Her recent publications include “Der Tatbegriff im Strafrecht” (2019) and “Das Natürlichkeitsargument bei biotechnologischen Maßnahmen” (2019).


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